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Need a faster website? Your website is too slow?

We are providing website speed optimization services to get your website run faster and to get a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and other online tools.

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About The Service

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Speed affects your business in a big way. Slow websites lead to unhappy users, and a certain loss of revenue and retention. Nowadays, users are mostly surfing the internet on their smartphones over slow WiFi and 3G connections - but, they are still expecting a great performance because waiting for a website to load on a mobile phone is twice as annoying.

Velocity Project is an initiative of Creative Brackets - a digital agency aiming to provide these kind of services to clients who are not satisfied with their website speed.

Speed is definitely a feature - important component in better user experience, ranking on search engines, AdWords Quality score, and accessibility for mobile users.

What are our current clients saying

Michael Brooks

5/ 5stars

I was pretty much unaware how speed could have a huge impact on my business, but now, after using Velocity services, I can proudly say that we have a few more deals per month!

5/ 5stars

After getting a feedback from our customers that they are waiting too long for the payment checkout, we decided to improve that process. Velocity has done its best, and now we have twice as fast checkout phase than before, and many more returning customers.

5/ 5stars

The hiring of Creative Brackets and using their Velocity services was clearly the most important decision we made in the past few years. We are achieving rapid growth from month to month!

5/ 5stars

Velocity services have helped us significantly reduce the loading time of our web pages (upwards of 70%).

Republic of Srpska
5/ 5stars

Creative Brackets made my site amazingly fast and they had excellent communication and documentation.

5/ 5stars

Velocity is the best kind of services to use for increasing the speed of your website. The services are extremely meticulous. I look forward to working with Creative Brackets again!

Benefits of a fast website

The relationship between performance and revenue is becoming the most important part and a key differentiator between good and bad businesses. Examples which show how website speed infects business metrics:

  • Amazon loses 1% of sales for every 100ms it takes their site to load

  • Shopzilla improved their page load from 7 to 2 seconds and in return they get 25% increase in pageviews and a 9.5% increase in revenue.

  • Mozilla also did some performance boosting and reduce 2.2 seconds off their landing pages which resulted in increased download conversions by 15.4%.

How speed affects your conversion rate

What’s the point if the website takes too long to load? Users will just move on especially if they are using any mobile device. Yes, website performance matters, now more than before. That being said, we can make a conclusion:

  • Better user engagement is driven by faster sites.

  • Better user retention is also driven by faster sites.

  • The last, but not the least - higher conversions are driven by faster sites.

Website speed optimization as an important factor

Website speed may be the deciding factor that pushes one site ahead of the other in the organic rankings. It can set you apart from other businesses, and tell your users that you are taking into consideration their time. Time is money and no one wishes to spend their time (money) by waiting for a website to load.

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